Assignment 1: Getting Situated

Welcome to GDev!

This post marks the first in a series of write-ups associated with my Game Engineering II at the University of Utah’s Entertainment Arts and Engineering Program. They will typically deal with assignments or any other related topics covered in the course.  In addition, there may be posts related to gaming, engineering, or any of other interesting topics technical in nature.


Project References

In the end, the only projects that required a reference to the Graphics Project / Library was the main game project, ExampleGame. While there are projects that reference the “Graphics::” namespace, they are not inherently needed. This is because in these projects’ cases, they are just referring to things like a type or enum defined in that class. They are not specifically calling a function or referencing a private variable. In these cases, the reference would be needed as the program would need a way to enter these functions or accessing these variables. Examples in the solution include the Application and ShaderBuilder project.

Course Expectations

As per my experience with the first in class lecture and this introductory I expect to see trends, topics, or experiences like:

  • Content and expectations that prioritize the process.
  • More experience with working in an unfamiliar codebase
  • Detail oriented problems where the solutions lie in corner cases and conditions
  • Adherence to existing standards when working in an existing code base
  • A more advanced usage and application of Visual Studio and its features


Other Thoughts

The introduction of this assignment being directly after three tutorials on platform specific code inclusion, static library creation, and solution setup was really an exercise on all three topics. A way for us to get into the given code base and get it up and running on our machines. Also, to become accustomed to the procedure and expectations of the course. While there were numerous “gotchas” throughout working on this, the answers were already divulged via a tutorial or based off of a concept that we had learned in the tutorials. This along with the, meticulous and specific nature of the paperwork and lead me to believe that I’ll enjoy the course’s content. Because most of my curiosities lie in best practices, approach to issues as well as utilizing Visual Studio to its full potential I’m sure the rest of semester will be at least rewarding.


You can try out these games via the below links. The only difference is that Direct3D will be used in the x64 version, with OpenGL in the other. They have been built and verified to work on Windows.